Kali linux bios setup

HOW TO OPEN BIOS SETUP WHEN YOU HAVING A KALI LINUX OPERATING SYSTEM? ( Usually we open bios by pressing F2, F12 , esc , or delete key while restarting your system but when you installed kali linux in your system this make disable your bios setup, is there any command on terminal or any settings to open .?)

it’s not about which operating system you are using bios is independent on os its depend up on which device u using for example for most of dell laptop we have to press F8 for bios , for asus its Esc which pc/laptop u using ??? usually on startup it shows which key to press u can see here

above one correct and also some laptop has small buttons which can be pressed by using mobile Simcard pin which also leads to bios

i think this is for only lenovo and some models of acer

try Esc ,F8,F12 it should be one of these